Wednesday, August 21, 2019



Back Squat [Video]
Every minute for 8 minutes complete:
3 Speed Back Squats @75% of your 1rep.

For Time:
50 Kettlebell Taters (#55/35) [Video]
50 Wall Ball Shots (#20/14)
50 Walking Lunges
35 Kettlebell Taters
35 Wall Ball Shots
35 Walking Lunges


A) Partner Battle Rope for 10 minutes
15 seconds of Single Leg Knee Crunch
15 seconds of Jumping In and Outs
15 seconds of Side to Side Waves
** these are performed off a 45lb plate
P2: Bikes

B) Partner Conditioning
Amrap for 18 minutes
20 Med Ball Sit Up + Wall Sit Over Head
(per Partner)
200m Run w/ Med Ball
(switch w/ MB at 100m)
20 Kneeling Med Ball Slams + Chest Pass
(Per Partner)
200m Run without Med Ball

C) 50 Cal Bike for time
* 5 minute Cap