Wednesday, April 10, 2019



Half Kneeling Filly Press [Video]
Split Stance Double KB Bent Over Row [Video]

Complete 3 Supersets Of:
• 10 Half Kneeling Filly Press 
• 10 Split Stance Double KB Bent Over Row

Choose your own weight based on how you feel for the day.

Weight Vest Wednesday”
3 Rounds For Time:
• 50 Walking Lunges
• 20 Dumbbell Push Press (#35/20)

* Every 2 minutes perform 5 Burpees.


TABATA: Alternating Russian Twist w/plate and Plank toe taps 

24 MIN -4 RNDS 45 secs on/15 off each of: lunge jumps/bicycle abs/med ball cleans/pushups/10 highknees+1 sprawl/DB push press 

*1 min rest

* 5 mins- P1: 2 width broad jumps P2: sit ups

Cash out: 2 RNDS - 10 reps each with a DB of: sumo squat/lat lunge/single leg DL/sqt=lunge with a pulse