Tuesday, July 10, 2018


Ladies Night
TODAY, Tuesday, 7/10, there are no 6:30 or 7:30pm classes!
Gentlemen, please attend another class that day.

Get tickets for the Amp Sox Game Outing
Info here.


Skill Work
Pull-ups [Video]
Muscle-ups [Video]

Options for Pull-ups or Ring Muscle-ups:
• Work on Strict Pull-ups in a band if you can’t do unassisted Pull-ups.
• Work on the kip if you can’t string 10 Kipping Pull-ups in a row. Attempt to complete 20-30 Strict Pull-ups.
• Work on the Butterfly Pull-up if you’re capable of stringing 10 Kipping Pull-ups in a row.
• Work on Ring Drills for the Muscle-up if you can string 10 Pull-ups in a row. Work on turn over drills.
• Work on stringing 2-4 Muscle-ups together.

Partner Conditioning
For Time:
60 Deadlifts (#225/155)
120 Burpees
180 Airdyne Calories

Optional Core Work & Mobility
3 Sets Not For Time:
• Banded Straight Leg Pulls
• 15 Side Plank Pulses
• 30-Second Weighted Planks


Pyramid Workout
Level 1: 1 Minute
- Mountain Climbers
- Turf Width Sprints
- Jumping Lunges
- Push-ups

Level 2: 2 Minutes Each
- Russian Kettlebell Swings
- V-ups
- Slamball

Level 3: 3 Minutes Each
- Sled Push
- Man Makers

Level 4: 4 Minutes
- Row

Glute Work