2018: A New Year

A New Year 2018

A New Year

Obsession or Dedication?
There’s a saying floating around meant to prompt motivation. It goes, “Obsessed is a word the lazy use to describe the dedicated.”

But can we just be honest, please? There is such thing as being obsessed in life. There is such thing as addiction. Right?

Yes, even with fitness.

It’s tricky. There’s a fine line to walk. Right there, in the blurry area of health and well-being, is the field sobriety test for exercise addiction. And it is most certainly life or death to keep our fitness balance. An unhealthy obsession in physical results can prompt a negative self-concept and body image. But without the right amount of obsession, results will never be realized. Progress will never be gained.

Obsession or dedication? Maybe it’s a balance of both. In general, the committed, and the slightly obsessed, experience success.


Above the Shame
So why all the internet shaming? Is there data supporting arguments, negativity, or the “your excuse is invalid” memes? Some people are lazy, it’s true. Others post gym selfies on social media every day. If we disagree with a lifestyle, what is gained in degradation? Likewise, why so much hatred of those who are workout obsessed— of the cardio queens, the gym bros, or the CrossFit cult?

Because success breeds jealousy, that’s why. It’s easier to talk bad about someone’s enjoyment in life than to find one’s own.

Success can also fuel ego. And since dedication stems success, perhaps this is where the shame brews.

Life is not a competition, but human nature makes it one. Progress creates attention. And with attention will come negative backlash. And, evidently, the backlash is alive with trolls, bullies, and internet-shamers.


A Healthy Co-existence
We’ve realized a lifetime of healthy habits can provide longevity. And conversely, a lifetime of unhealthy habits can shorten our days.

With the CDC releasing new statistics this past year on the obesity epidemic in America, the trend is certainly not leaning towards the positive. Particularly concerning are the continued issues with our nation’s youth.

If we have a war on drugs and a war on terrorism, inevitably we’ll wage a war on obesity.

But instead of an us vs. them mindset, an all-inclusive, accepting society will allow the dedicated to maintain their healthy obsession and the backlash of workout regimens to fizzle out along with the fat-shaming trend of the early 21st century internet culture. Humans have a natural need to belong, and that will only happen in fitness when people feel safe— not just from physical injury, but from emotional pain as well.

Here’s a New Year’s resolution: let’s practice more humility and less humiliation.

Let’s forge ahead in fitness while nurturing self-worth. Let’s experience physical gains while improving social relationships. Let’s rise above the shame, let’s put aside our hate, and let’s dedicate ourselves to a healthy and happy co-existence.

There’s space for everyone to stand shoulder to shoulder in the exercise trenches.


The Yearly Challenge
Each year I offer a motivational challenge to each and every reader, as prompted by our own love/hate relationship with CrossFit and the tough workouts we endure.

New to our AmpFam? Welcome. The journey is fun, but the outcome is better. And the group of people here are second to none. Check past posts regarding the fitness equationdedicationprogresscommunity, etc. See our most recent six-part blog series, Maximizing Your Amplify Experience.” Ask questions. Seek out answers.

The challenge?
Step back and do some self-reflection. Think about what goals you have and how you will pursue those goals. Bigger than that? Think about what can be done to continue or set into motion your dedicated lifestyle.

  • What brought you in to the gym in the first place? Why did you step foot into Amplify?
  • What are you doing to take the next step, to make the next advancement in your fitness journey?
  • Where can the trainers help? Specifically, what can you communicate that would further benefit the time you put in the gym each and every week?

Whether you are an Amplify veteran or have just joined the ranks of our gym, here’s looking ahead at another year of fitness without boundaries.

Thanks for being here, and as always, thanks for reading!

– Scott, 1.1.2018