Monday, August 14, 2017

Push Press and more for Monday!

Check out part five of a six-part blog series entitled "Maximizing Your Amplify Experience." Tips for Beginners and Veterans alike.

Amplify Open Saturday, September 23. Registration is open! Details here.

MONDAY Strength Push Press [Video] 3 Sets of 10 Push Press (#95/65 Rx; #115/75 Rx+) Add #5 from last week. (No more than #5.) Work on the cycle speed of the movement.

Conditioning For Time: Run 400 meters 15 Clean and Jerks (#105/70 Rx; #135/95 Rx+) Row 400 meters 15 Power Snatches (#105/70 Rx; #135/95 Rx+) 40 Airdyne Calories 15 Thrusters (#105/70 Rx; #135/95 Rx+)

Push Press