Friday, July 8, 2016

Strength work and a quick MetCon for Friday!

ANNOUNCEMENTS Closings We are closed the evening of Thursday, July 14. sorry-were-closed-sign

Amp White Sox Outing July 24. Tickets need to be purchased ASAP! See all the great perks here! White Sox Amp Outing

Amplify Open Saturday & Sunday, August 20-21. Registration is open! Details here! AMPLIFY_OPEN_Graphic-1

FRIDAY Strength Bench Press [Video] Strict Pull-ups [Video]

5 Supersets Of: • 5 Bench Press • 5 Strict Chest to Bar Pull-ups

Take 10-15 minutes to complete the 5 sets. Choose your own weight based on how you feel.

Conditioning For Time: Run 400 meters 15 Power Cleans (#155/105 Rx; #185/125 Rx+) Run 400 meters 12 Power Cleans Run 400 meters 9 Power Cleans

Power Cleans