Tuesday, June 9, 2015

IMG_2908.JPGBarbell, Gymnastics, Handstands and a ton more for Tuesday!

TUESDAY Barbell Strength Push Press [YouTube] Complete 5 Sets of 5 Push Press @75% of 1repmax. Stay at the same weight across all 5 Sets.

Gymnastics Work EMOM for 3 Minutes: 30 Second Hanging L-Sit Hold/30 Second Rest

Conditioning For Time: 45 Deadlifts (#155/105) Run 800 meters 45 Box Jumps (24"/20")

Post Workout Handstand Push-ups [YouTube] Work on strict HSPU and Kipping HSPU. A max of 2 AbMats are allowed.

Notes: work on the tripod set up positioning, allowing elbows to run slightly forward on the descending position, drive throw your palms and triceps. If you're working on Kipping HSPU, work on tucking your knees slightly forward and towards your elbows, then drive your hips vertical and kick behind you.

Handstand Push-ups