Friday, February 27, 2015

Friday Open WOD 15.1!  Time to test your fitness.

REMINDERS CrossFit Open: Starts NOW!  It's not too late to register! We will complete the weekly workout each Friday as a gym WOD during regular class hours, whether you are competing in the Open or not.  Let the fun begin!

This weekend: We are closed Saturday and Sunday for our Gymnastics Clinic. Open WOD make-ups can be completed Monday during our regular class hours.

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FRIDAY Mobility & Warm-up Toes to Bar [YouTube] Deadlift [YouTube] Power Snatch [YouTube] Clean & Jerk [YouTube]

Conditioning CrossFit Open WOD 15.1 AMRAP in 9 Minutes: • 15 Toes to Bar • 10 Deadlifts (Rx #115/75; Scaled #85/55) • 5 Power Snatch (Rx #115/75; Scaled #85/55)

Then Immediately...

CrossFit Open WOD 15.1a 1 rep max Clean & Jerk in 6 Minutes

Open WOD 15.1 Explanation

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