Saturday, February 21, 2015

(null)Saturday Partner WOD!

CrossFit Open Registration is open! Join the 5 weeks of online competition. Register here. This year includes scaled versions of the Open workouts as well as a new Teenage Division for athletes 14-17 years old. 2013-open-logo-blue-1

Amplify Food Drive February 14 - March 7. Basic info here. AMPLIFY FOOD DRIVE 2015 (1)

SATURDAY Partner Workout With a 25 Minute Time Cap: 50 Handstand Push-ups * Split reps any way. Partner 1 completes HSPU, Partner 2 holds barbell in a front rack (#115/75)

40 Squat Cleans (#115/75) * Split reps any way. Partner 1 completes Squat Clean, Partner 2 holds an Air Squat.

10 Turf Lengths of Bear Crawls * Split lengths. Partner 1 completes Bear Crawls, Partner hangs from the pull-up bar.

100 Calories on the Airdyne Bike * Split calories any way. Partner 1 rides the bike, Partner 2 performs sit-ups.

Scale 20 Wall Climbs for the 50 HSPU. Row 60 Calories if no Bikes are available.

Handstand Push-ups