Saturday, October 18, 2014

Friends & Family Day! Invite someone that could be interested in CrossFit to join in the morning classes!

ANNOUNCEMENTS Amplify Appreciation Month: During the month of October, every Monday will be Amplify T-shirt day and AmpFam Shoutout day!

Thursday, October 23: Lululemon CrossFit workout.  Scott will be leading an in-store workout downtown Naperville.  If you aren't going to Amp classes that night, come support Amplify at 7pm.  Two Brothers Brewery and Lou Malnati's will be on site!

Saturday October 25! Amplify Halloween!  Costumes optional during the WOD.  Mullen's party at night.

SATURDAY Partner Workout AMRAP in 10 Minutes: • 10 Wall Ball Shots • 10 Burpees • 10 Sit-ups

Rest 3 Minutes

AMRAP in 10 Minutes: • 10 Dumbbell Push Press • 10 Box Jumps • 10 Sit-ups

* Partners will flip-flop exercises throughout the AMRAPs.  For instance, if Partner 1 completes the WB Shots, Partner 2 completes the Burpees, and so on.

* Choose weight accordingly. Newcomers, this is all scaleable.

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