Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Tuesday Skill Work and some more great Conditioning!

Read "TIME" in Words of the Week.

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ANNOUNCEMENTS AmpFam Summer Events: View all Amp BBQs and social events HERE.


"Battle to Breathe" 5K: Sunday, June 22. $30 in Wheaton. Details here.

"Biggest Loser" 5K: Sunday, August 3. $30 in Chicago. Details here.

TUESDAY Strength Stationary Dips Dead Hang L-Sits

5 Sets Of: Stationary Dips x 5-8 Dead Hang L-Sits x 20-30 seconds

Rest as needed between sets.

Conditioning For Time: Run 600 meters 40 Hand Release Push-ups 20 Front Squats (#115/75) Run 400 meters 30 Hand Release Push-ups 15 Front Squats Run 200 meters 20 Hand Release Push-ups 10 Front Squats

Front Rack Mobility for Better Front Squats