Monday 5/10/10

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Police Week Memorial Workout

From Trinity Training Group: This challenge has been dubbed "the 75-by-75" because it's just that: 75 pounds lifted 75 times. From ground to overhead anyhow (shortened G2OA). Some participants use technical barbell movements such as the clean-and-jerk or power snatch. Others just muscle the weight up "anyhow." Most use a mixture of different techniques, movements, and grips until 75 reps are completed. Regardless, it's a true challenge that puts demands on all muscle groups and the cardio-respiratory system too.

CrossFit Amplify encourages local officers to stop in at our location to participate in the 75x75 memorial workout through Friday, May 14th during our regular business hours.  We will record and submit your results for you.

Visit the Police Week Memorial Workout on Facebook.