Paleo Challenge Winners


Amplify Nutrition Challenge July/August 2012

Congratulations to all of the Paleo Challenge participants! This amazing group of individuals followed the Whole9 Nutrition guidelines by eating quality meat/eggs/fish, vegetables, fruit, seeds/nuts, while eliminating grains, dairy, legumes, sugar, and alcohol for 6 weeks!

Be sure to say congrats next time you see them... Saloni, Akanksha, Courtney, Becky, Ginger, Jenn, Amy, Liz, Kristen, Mark, Drew, Kyle, and Adrian.

Many of the participants have even decided to continue this healthy lifestyle because of their awesome results!




Nutrition Challenge Explanation.

Results were based on: • Total points for weekly food logs (42 pts) • 3x week attendance at Amplify (18 pts) • % change in Strength/Bear Complex (up to 15 pts) • % change in Conditioning WOD (up to 15 pts) • Write-up (10 pts) • Pics/measurements (bonus pts)


Top Male - Kyle Raterman His write up says it all...

My journey began in February of 2012, the first day of Lent to be exact. At that moment in time I was the largest I had ever been in my life, 290 pounds. I was overweight, lackadaisical and lethargic. My weight gain over the years was gradual so my body had acclimated to its increase in size, making it more difficult to comprehend how unhealthy I had become. Then, something clicked over the winter holiday season. I knew a change was inevitable and necessary, lest I succumb to a lifetime of illness and frustration.

I attempted my first Whole 30 at Lent, a Whole 40. Following the plan at approximately 90% compliance, I obtained a successful outcome. I was able to lose 40 pounds on nutrition changes alone, validating some propaleo generalizations that exercise does not seem to affect weight loss/gain; however, not shortly after my “Whole 40” ended, I felt I had plateaued. Contrary to what some indicate, I felt it was time to exercise again in order to combat my lull. That is when I joined Crossfit. Joining Crossfit was one of the best decisions I have ever made. The instruction received at Amplify is outstanding. The moment I heard a nutritional challenge would take place, I jumped on the opportunity.

Starting the new challenge was not overly difficult, since I was already following recommendations at approximately 90% compliance. My indulgences, making up the remaining 10%, were wine/gluten-free beer, chocolate and fruit. I decided to eat at 100% compliance and eliminate all of the aforementioned “treats”. Added sugar was non-existent. This was the cleanest I had ever eaten in my life. Eliminating the above variables certainly spring-boarded my success and conquered my plateau. I was losing inches and decreasing pant sizes; however, my weight wasn’t dropping as much as I had envisioned. This was due to the introduction of the weight training and the added muscle mass that was replacing my fat. I was beginning to understand why we were advised to avoid “the scale”, as it does not necessarily correlate to the results being achieved.

At the end of the Challenge, I dropped two pant sizes, one dress shirt size, 7.5 combined inches, 20 lbs, added 10 lbs to my bear complex and subtracted 5:00 minutes off the workout. The aforementioned accomplishments are certainly admirable; however, the real victory for me was the difference in my physiological, and in some cases my psychological/emotional response to food. Food is now a completely different entity than it was before. The idea is difficult to express on paper. To put it simply, I am no longer a slave to food. Before lent (when I first changed my way of eating), and even prior to this 30-day challenge, I consistently thought about food. I was addicted to food...and it was certainly a turbulent relationship. After breakfast, I would think about lunch; after lunch, I would think about dinner, and so on. Now I can go about my day and not obsess about food. I still enjoy it, but it has taken on a new entity in my life. For these reasons, I am truly grateful for this program. I never thought someone like myself, so addicted to food, could make such a huge change. And, more changes are yet to come. There is no plan for stopping and regressing, only progress. I am extremely appreciative to all those involved in facilitating and maintaining the challenge and I actually look forward to the next one. I will finish with this: Not until you step into a box can you truly realize your inalienable potential.

Top Female - Akanksha Dar Here's a look at Akanksha's nutrition journey...

CRANKY, TIRED, STRESSED, and LAZY are four words that described my day before the paleo challenge. Let’s be honest, I wasn’t really aware of what is considered to be a “good” way to eat. I thought if I ate less I would lose weight. Or the classic, if I wasn’t adding sugar and was eating sugar free things, I was eating healthier. HA, was I wrong.

Even though I had started eating paleo after the first nutrition class at Crossfit Amplify, the first couple of days were still hard for me because of not taking honey in anything. However, after the first couple of days it got easier. Two of the main problems I was having was not drinking enough water and not eating enough. I was hungry and dehydrated and didn’t even know about it. This challenge helped me to understand what, when, and how much to eat.

Thanks to the food logs and Megan’s suggestions I started noticing a change not only in the way I look, but also how I felt. Within the first week I started to notice that I had more energy, I was able to get up, walk my dog, feed her, get ready, and bike to work without a single cup of coffee or even tea, this would not have been possible before the challenge. Along with more energy I am now able to handle stressful situation smother.

Thanks to the challenge I was finally able to start seeing results with my weight loss. Within these 6 weeks I have lost 16 Lbs. I have finally able to figure out that eating less is not the answer to healthy weight loss. To have a successful weight loss you have to eat the right thing at the right time. A lot of protein, lots of veggies, some fruit, and no sugar!

So how has this paleo challenge affected me? “Life Change” that is the only words that come to my mind. Paleo is not just a challenge or a diet it’s a life style change. Thank you for showing me this healthy way of life. Awesome work Kyle and Akanksha! Again, I am just amazed at how well so many of the participants gave it their best effort and made changes based on weekly feedback. I really enjoyed getting to know you all through your weekly food journals and seeing you push yourselves during the workouts. Please feel free to check in with me and let me know how things are going.

Next up… • 30-day nutrition challenge (open to anyone – Amplify members and non-members) beginning Sept 10. Contact for details. • Next Paleo Workshop - mid-September • Next 6 wk Paleo Challenge - October/November (just in time for looking and feeling good for the holidays)

Hope to see you all at the workouts!

Megan DeBora Amplify Nutrition Coach

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