Gytis - Bio2

Gytis Savukynas

  • CrossFit Level 1 Certification

I have been active all my life. I played competitive traveling soccer from a young age up until freshman year of college. To fill my competitive void, I took up CrossFit. I took up CrossFit because I liked the methodology. CrossFit’s definition of fitness was also appealing— the concept of being a jack of all trades made sense to me.

When I first started CrossFit, I loved the competitive aspect of it. However, over the years I have come to appreciate what CrossFit really is: a program to get people active and healthy through diet, exercise, and community. These are the very tenets which are lacking in many aspects of everyday life.

In my view, CrossFit addresses all the aspects for health: physical, dietary, and mental well-being.

With longevity being my primary passion, I love the athletic performance side of CrossFit, especially the SKWAT.